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Tax Advisory

Taxation is the most dynamic and complex challenge in the financial planning process. Our income tax and regulatory services support clients to compliant with tax regulations, minimize tax exposure, and mitigate risks 360 degrees to formulate and implement effective strategies.

Our tax planning techniques are perfectly planned to suit the constantly evolving and increasingly complex legislation.

Our Services

Income Tax

Our tax advisory team specializes in analyzing the balance sheets and interpreting and classifying each item for accurate and faster ITR filing (income tax return filing). Our tax planning procedure is inclined to provide the best possible benefits to clients assisting them to be prepared for the unpredictable global economy.



STPI Compliance

As per the regulations of RBI, it is required by every unit engaged in the export of software is to submit SOFTEX with STPI. We ensure end-to-end STPI compliance.

  • Registration for STP & Non-STP Units
  • Monthly Softex Filings
  • Co-ordination with AD Banker for Regularization
  • MPR, QPR & APR’s
  • De-bonding
  • Cancellation of STPI registration



Compliances under Customs Act

As per the regulations of Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), certain compliances to be fulfilled by an entity effecting imports and exports. Some of the compliances are as below:

  • Buying and Selling of Duty Scrips
  • IEC Certificate
  • RCMC registration and compliances
  • Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme
  • Representations before the department
  • MEIS/SEIS scheme benefits

Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Being specialized in GST Act, our GST consultants address compliances related issues and below services broadly covered under this:

    • GST Registration related
    • Monthly and Annual Compliances: Filing GSTR 1 & GSTR 3B and GSTR 9 & 9C
    • GST refunds
    • Representations to Notices and Appeal

Compliances under FEMA Act, 1999

Cross-border transactions call for stringent measures to be taken under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA). With extensive experience, domain knowledge, and quality commitment we provide best possible benefit to clients. Below is the compliance as per RBI regulations.

  • FLA
  • FC- GPR and FC_TRS
  • LLP – Forms
  • Convertible Notes
  • ESOP
  • Investment vehicle forms
  • Debenture redemption reserve

Software Applications used

We integrate the software to record, categorize, analyze, compile, interpret and then present an accurate report to statutory authority for ensuring accurate compliance.

Few of the software applications used:

  • Saral TDS
  • Cleartax
  • Winman
  • CCH iFirm
Advantages of Outsourcing Income Tax Planning to us
  • Improved process and TAT: The collective income tax expertise enables accurate tax returns ahead of time.
  • Ability to focus on business: Monitoring every department yourself may take away your focus from the core business and expansion. Hence outsourcing is the best deal for any company to optimize resources, time, and money.
  • Reduction in failures & penalties: There’s no room for errors when you outsource your tax planning to experts like SBS Global as they come with great industry knowledge and skills.
  • Reduced tax preparation costs: Competitive pricing helps to reduce compliance and tax preparation service costs.
Our Commitments

At SBS Global, the goal is to minimize the income tax and compliance burden of the clients through legitimate planning, transparency & staying abreast of regulatory requirements.

Value Proposition

At SBS Global, we help recognize, analyze, focus, and address various challenges related to GST and Indirect Tax. Our consultants work closely with your team to ensure appropriate remittances and compliances.

Our team of specialists assists firms on various income tax and regulatory matters at every stage of the business lifecycle, enabling them to explore and make the most out of the opportunities.

Why Choose Us for Income Tax Planning
  • Success Ratio: Submissions to the Tax Departments are accepted in the first call with a high success ratio. The acceptance ratio for appeals, refunds, and queries is close to 92%
  • Affordable Pricing Options: Case-to-case basis and work-based pricing options are exceptionally affordable and reasonable.
  • Expert Team: Most experienced and qualified tax and regulatory experts.
  • Dedicated Services: Proactive advisory on updates and business transactions for higher transparency and compliance.
  • Data Security: Confidentiality, encrypted: Higher confidentiality, Data security as per ISO 27001:2013 requirements.
How can we help you?

Talk to us to understand more about our tailored tax services based on the client’s business model and goals. Our experts are always available to handhold you at every step of tax planning and tax compliance. We are acclaimed to be one of the Top Income Tax Consultants in Bangalore.

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