Financial Accounting Staffing - Contract Staffing Services

SBS Global offers contract staffing services for project-based Accounting & Finance positions. We provide talented candidates to fill your temporary or long-term Accounting & Finance needs.
As a trusted finance and accounting organisation SBS Global can provide resources for:

  • Temporary Staffing.
  • Temporary-to-Hire.

Our domain knowledge of the subject helps us to attract and select the right candidates for our clients.

Our Financial Accounting Staffing Services

As trusted Finance and Accounting staffing partner, we can provide resources for your most difficult-to-fill temporary, temporary-to-hire and project staffing positions.

Project Staffing

Challenges in terms of staffing to meet the project timeline and growth are mitigated through project staffing. Project Staffing services help the client organization to reduce costs, maintain quality and achieve goals.
Some of the key benefits from Project Staffing Services in Financial Accounting are:

  • Get the (project) specific skill sets
  • Prevent burnouts of the regular employees
  • Pick the best resources, who like the flexibility and therefore prefer to work on a project basis

Temporary Staffing

Seasonal peaks, rapid growth, short- or long-term absences, turnover, and special projects all make accounting and finance staffing a challenge. SBS Global F&A professionals are available for projects of any length.


This option enables you to make smarter hiring decisions by trying a candidate on the job before extending an offer of employment.

Benefits for Employees
  • A great resource for building their resumes and gaining new skills by being exposed to different industries, software, and areas of accounting. There are a lot of temp work myths around that do not reflect today’s realities. This is the work that can help candidates become more marketable for other positions.
  • A great networking opportunity that could lead to a full-time job offer.
    It allows flexibility while conducting a job search or taking university courses, with the opportunity to earn money while looking for the right fit for the long term.

The ability to foresee the trends, ingenuity, good people engagement skills and swift actions can help client organizations.

Benefits for Employers
  • Bring in skilled accounting and finance professionals for peak workloads or to cover when core employees are out of the office.
  • Bring good resources in on a temporary basis to make sure it is a good fit for both sides prior to moving forward with a full-time hire.
Our Commitments

It is critical to identify and attract talented resources who can be counted on to keep the organization profitable and compliant. We at SBS Global commitment is to fill the client positions with the right resources at the best possible time.

Value Proposition

With a thorough understanding on the requirement, goals and the culture of the company, our HR professionals successfully finds the right candidate for the most challenging-to-fill positions.

Why Choose Us
  • 14+ years history and track record.
  • Technology Adoption: Own database, Networking, Access to all the sourcing portals, Social media network
  • Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001:2015
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS) ISO 27001:2013
  • Strong Standard Operating procedures and talent acquisition process.
  • Expert Team of HR professionals.
How can we help you?

We combine our expertise, experience, and business acumen to deliver Financial Accounting Staffing services specially crafted to suit the client organization and their culture.

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