SBS Global Client setout to offer its clients top quality services

Client launched its ambitious project to upgrade its worldwide accounting platform from SAP to S4 HANA. This involved managing the legacy system and migrating to new system in a tight time-bound for implementation. They were looking for staffing partners who had the expertise to provide the required number of contract staff, with relevant domain knowledge.



  • Our Client was in the process of upgrading its worldwide Accounting plat from SAP to S4 HANA.
  • This is a worldwide huge project and was requiring involvement of highly skilled professionals for managing the legacy system and migrating to the
    new system.
  • Synergy Business Solutions (India) Private Limited (SBS Global) was invited to provide professional assistance in ramping up the team to manage the migration.
  • The Client finalized two professional firms to meet the requirement of 120 technical staffing for S4 Hana Project.
  • SBS Global was required to provide 60 skilled SAP trained resources with 15 days and onboard them to the project.


  • Short lead time to onboard the resources.
  • Skill level requirement of the team.
  • Multiple screening and strict selection process.
  • Global impact of the project.
  • Mission critical nature as the delay will affect the rollout at global level

SBS Global Approach

  • SBS Global formed a task force for various activities.
  • Senior management commitment and involvement.
  • Project flow chart.
  • Division of responsibilities within the task forces.
  • Continuous interaction with the Client.
  • Project monitoring at the highest level in the organization.

Professional Service Scope

  • SBS Global is required to provide 60 skilled & experienced resources at various levels.
  • The project scope was very tight as the team required to be on boarded
    within 15 days.
  • SBS Global had to fulfill all the Client quality and selection process. Background verification/ documents authentication.
  • Meet the onboarding process of the Client.
  • Keep ready the project team in all respect within the given time frame.


SBS Global could meet the Client requirement of having a new working team of 60 skilled resources within the given time of 15 days. The global project kick started as per the scheduled plan.

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SBS Global Client setout to offer its clients top quality services


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