Limitless Ventures is founded with the purpose to invest in startups that can change the course of action for societies of tomorrow.

Limitless Ventures partners with executive teams who are a determined breed and believe in challenging the status quo, re-shaping the industries, and transforming the way we live and work.

Limitless Ventures not only invests but also hand-holds businesses until it reaches a stable situation, through its advisory arm. We are extremely selective in who we work with and go all out for the ones we believe in.

Investments & Finance Syndications

Limitless Ventures invests in break-through companies, projects, and ideas irrespective of their stage and sector. Additionally, we have a network of other investors, both angels and venture capitalists, private tech investors, and relationships with family offices to help you raise the capital you need to grow your company.

Advisory Services

We help advise clients on the fundraising process. For new entrepreneurs, the process can be a bit intimidating and it’s always good to have someone knowledgeable on your side. Our fundraising services are only available to people with companies that already have a product in the market and are generating revenues or have a rapidly growing user base. We can help prepare you for the fundraising process and make introductions. We work with our clients to identify their funding needs based on their business plans and then determine suitable funding strategy. We help with:

Help with MVP and Product Development
Investor Presentations
Access to Global Capital
(Both Equity & Debt)
Strategy & Planning
Executive Leadership
Product Excellence
Revenue Creation
Affiliate Partner Services

We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow new ventures as well as helping existing businesses develop a digital presence. We do this by giving entrepreneurs the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals. We leverage technology to help companies launch and grow in the digital age. We help clients lay the foundation for a new venture and put together a strategy for achieving their goals and long term vision. We leverage technology and marketing resources to help people get their ideas off the ground and build a brand.

Connect with us
Contact us through our various channels. We would be glad to hear from you regarding any queries. We deeply appreciate your interest.
#440 18th Main Road 6th Block, Koramangala Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095
+91 8284879989

Work With Us

Founders gain access to executive insights and networking opportunities through our Forum, recruiting services and matchmaking expertise through our Talent Team, and marketing and strategic communications support.