Expanding role of cfo

Expanding Role of CFO

Today’s CFO are digital enablers and strategic partners to the business. The role is ever evolving to reflect how business and people get their work done when finance & digital world intersects each other, in modern times, on the backdrop of social & environmental issues, regulatory compliances and the accelerated adoption of technology.

The major pointers on new role of CFO that we come across are:

  1. The CFO relationships is now global and often virtual. All decisions are now transparent and days of off-the-record conversations in the corridor are diminishing.
  2. The CFO expected level of awareness and understanding of different business models that play out in particular regions or countries together with the different strategic challenges and opportunities faced is helping to support business expansion into new markets.
  3. With Globalization, CFO is ready to navigate and embrace a vision for a new role that cuts across different cultures, working practices, beliefs, languages and time zones.
  4. Digital world help CFO to gather, organise, standardise and make accounting data timely available which, in turn, drive business intelligence for identifying new market and profit opportunities, and measuring business performance. This means, less time on recording and verifying the numbers, and more time making the data connections, explaining the number implications to the business and applying the finance lens on decision making.
  5. Today CFO have greater scrutiny of risk management processes and financial plans to adopt long term business’s strategy.


Today, CFOs continue to experiment with new tools and technologies supported by unlimited financial data to deeply analyse business trends and advice top management on various key points to business success.

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