Challenges Faced During Remote Recruitment

Commonly Faced Challenges During Remote Recruitment

Most companies have now accepted the “home office” as an extended permanent place of work for their employees. Such companies have started to rely on communication and teleconferencing software to quickly exchange information and arrange and hold meetings to do business.

Remote hiring is now a part of the organizational future. Yet, hiring managers believe that the remote hiring process can be tough and overwhelming in the long run. Some of the common hiring challenges during remote recruitment that managers face when recruiting remote employees can be listed below.

Challenges Faced During Remote Recruitment

1. Vetting Large Volume of Applications

Post-pandemic, the sheer number of remote workers has significantly increased and hiring managers need to sift through thousands of resumes to shortlist the ideal ones. Naturally, selecting the right candidates for remote positions becomes tedious and hiring managers must clearly set their expectations to smoothen the selection process. A well-written and detailed job requirements coupled with tailor-made software can eliminate the profiles that do not qualify for the position and keep track of the status.

2. Vetting and Skillset Evaluation

Post shortlisting, candidates that possess adequate job-specific skills, the task of a thorough evaluation of skillset, experience, and expertise is central for hiring a remote employee which presents a challenge to the hiring manager. The team needs to design a dedicated test to undergo the interview screening process, including a phone screening, Job Assessment Test, additional rounds of panel interviews, On-site interviews and other means to ensure proper selection. It will take time before any hiring manager can finally stabilize on the methodology that meets the organizational requirements.

3. Qualities in Sync with Remote Working

Employers must consider certain factors to ensure that the new staff can thrive in a remote working environment which includes Good communication skills via phone, email, and other platforms, personal work ethics, tech-savvy, collaboration skill, adaptability and flexibility and independent problem-solving skills. The above can be addressed with a simple questionnaire that will help to sort out the right candidates early on in the hiring process and save time.

4. Onboarding Difficulties

Most new joiners are likely to feel overwhelmed in the first few days at the job as they would struggle to understand the workflow leading to lower productivity. The hiring manager must make extra efforts to establish a smooth onboarding process to enhance employees’ learning curve, plan and conduct introductory sessions with the new joiners, share cultural values and organizational/departmental goals with employees to build a healthy and transparent relationship.


Evaluating remote candidates is never easy and comes with its own unique set of challenges. As remote working has now become a norm, the company must work towards efficient remote hiring practices for businesses to succeed.

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