Originally established in the Central and Eastern Europe, Our Client set out to offer its clients top-­‐quality services

Originally established in the Central and Eastern Europe, Our Client set out to offer its clients top-­‐quality services
Our Client

Originally established in the Central and Eastern Europe, Our Client set out to offer its clients top-­‐quality services by knowledgeable professionals at reasonable rates. Over the years Our Client became one of the most dynamic outsourcing andconsulting companies operating within the region.With an ever expanding presence, they continuously improve their global footprint at the request of their customers. Whether company owned or affiliated, all branches are closely related, in particular with regard to communication and diligence. Our Client ensures a uniform way of communication, output production and provision of services wherever you will choose them.All entities within the Our Client Group have certified the System of Information Security Management according to ISO 27001:2005 and quality management according to ISO 9001:2008; systems which allows them to work in fully streamlined processes among the various jurisdictions in which they operate.

Client Service Lines
  • Accounting & reporting
  • Corporate & secretarial services
  • Payroll & HR administration
  • Tax advisory
  • Technology
Selection Process
Initial Contactand Meeting

Our client contacted SBS after going through our services in the website. After the initial contact, our client came down to Bangalore, India to visit us. During the visit the client was impressed by the state of the art facilities, the physical and data security systems and also their interactionwith the operationsteam. During the meeting it was revealed that the client has shortlisted around 10 vendors from different parts of the world like India, China, Eastern Europe and Philippines.

SBS was shortlisted based on their experience in the European market, experience in processing the documents in different languages and the competitive pricing. The client was also impressed with the work culture of SBS and said that it matched their work culture.

Trial Run

A Trial Run was conducted on the test environment by the client. During the trial run, SBS deployed the resources and had an initial training session on software and the process. The scope of the work during the trial run was to process the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable invoices for the end client. The end client chosen is one of the leading producers of Petroleum and Petroleum products.

The period of trial run was set at 3 months. With the expertise that SBS had and the high quality output provided during the trial run, the trial run was reduced to just one month.


The client then asked for the reference of one of our existing European clients. The client got a positive reference from our existing client. As it was revealed later that the positive reference was one of the reasons that SBS was chosen as the processing partner.

Contract Signing

After the successful completion of the trial run, the client was extremely satisfied with the performance and awarded the contract to SBS. During the contract the SLA, SOW and other legal agreements were signed.

The point to note is that SBS had competition from different vendors from different countries and was still able to bag the contract. It shows the versatility that the organization has.


The end client is one of the giants of the petroleum industry with presence in over 70 countries. SBS Global will process the documents for the petrol pump franchises of this client for countries Czech and Slovakia. There were over 70 franchisees with each franchise owning an average of 4 to 5 stations. On an average SBS Global processed 1200 invoices per day with a peak of around 1800 invoices. On monthly basis SBS Global was processing more than 20,000 invoices per month and on quarter ends more than 25,000 invoices per month.

Training and Migration

SBS identified and deployed a team for the training and migration of the process. The team was lead by the Sr. Manager Operations. The training and migration time was set to around one and a half months. A draft training manual was provided and the initial training was given through online calls. The scope of the work was the processing of Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables for all the branches of the end client.

Due to the experience in European market and the experience gained at the time of the pilot process, SBS completed the training in around a week. After another fortnight, SBS updated the training manual with the knowledge earned and got appreciation from the client on the quality of the document. Quoting the client “This document is far better than we initially gave you. Thank you for the good work. This can now work as a base if there are any changes in the process.”

During the training, it was initially decided that after a week of giving the basic training online, the training team from the client will come down to India for further training. However after the basic training and checking the output from SBS, the plan was cancelled. It was decided that no further training is required as SBS is now matching the quality of processing that was prevalent there. To quote the Project Manager from the client “You guys have cancelled my trip. I was looking forward to visit India, but with the awesome job that you have done it is not required now. So you guys owe me a trip to India now.”

It is noteworthy to mention here that the invoices processed were not in English language but in two different European languages. During the trail run and the migration phase, the client was apprehensive whether SBS will be able to cope up with the language, software and thevolumes.The entire migration was completed in around two week’stime.

Ramp up for Volumes

SBS Global started with processing around 5000 invoices in the first month. SBS Global in consultation with the client estimated the future volumes and started identifying the resources for the future volumes. In house training was given to these resources. Plans were made to ensure that the target volumes are met. The SLA for completing the invoice was one working day with difference between peak volumes and average volumes being around 50%. Keeping this in mind SBS Global planned the capacity to cater to the peak volumes to ensure that the SLA will be met.

From Second month onwards, SBS Global started processing around 10,000 invoices monthly. The entire team was trained. The client was appraised of the processing capabilities and was told that SBS Global can handle all the invoices for the end client on its own. This led to the average volume of around 20,000 from third month onwards.

SBS Global was able to ramp up operations within two months. With proper resource planning and training, theteam was able to handle the invoice processing of the client independently.


There were certain challenges that were faced during the trial run and migration. Each challenge was accessed and analyzed. Then a solution was developed for eachchallenge with the review and validation from the client. Some of the major challenges are listed below:

  • Language
  • Off Site Training
  • High Volumes
  • Accounting Practices

Processing and Quality

SBS team was able to handle large volumes just after a month of migration. Since the team at the client place was relocated, the responsibility of processing all the documents was with SBS. The SLA for the documents was one working day. The team at SBS started to process around 1800 documents at the peak and around 1200 documents on an average. The processing speed was at par with the processing speed of the client team.

SBS started giving near error free output to the client within third month of operations. The client was extremely satisfied with the results. This was achieved by using Six Sigma technologies and analysis of the errors made.

Process Improvements

One of the major strengths of SBS is improve the processes to improve the efficiency and quality of the operations. SBS suggested and implemented different process improvements. Some of the process

improvements were suggested to the clients that resulted in the changes to the entire process. They also increased the efficiency level immensely thus helping to reduce costs.


With outsourcing the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable process to SBS, the client had the following benefits:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Time Zone Advantage
  • Process Improvements
  • Quality Output
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Focus on Growth

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