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The New CFO Mandate: Reshaping a new finance function for the post-pandemic new normal

New CFO Mandate

The New CFO Mandate: Reshaping a new finance function for the post-pandemic new normalThe pandemic-driven upheavals have caused several broader disruptions in the business world with human-stress and economic-turmoil having the largest impact on the CFO fraternity. In the fall-out, CFO have lost jobs, taken early retirement or started looking for alternate opportunities.The business world is now evolving a new mandate for CFO with the background of persistent worries about the pandemic, economic recovery & anxiety about the durability of

Emerging Financial Accounting Trends

Emerging Account Trends

Emerging Financial Accounting TrendsTechnology is synonymous with development and modernizing the business landscape. Even in the pandemic state, Technology growth helps to transforms systems and processes, converting manual tasks into automated functions to operate businesses more efficiently and effectively. Latest accounting trends mainly revolve around this growth of automation and high-tech systems covering various accounting process that are being automated like approval workflows, bank reconciliation, journal entries, inter-company consolidation, revenue recognition, lease accounting and depreciation.The financial accounting trends are

CFO Services aimed at Business Sustenance and Growth

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Virtual CFO Services aimed at Business Sustenance and GrowthOverviewEvery organization be it a Large Corporation or a Start-Up or a Mid-Size requires a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Most small & mid-sized organizations hire a Controller & NOT a CFO & mostly are unaware of the services carried out by a CFO & the different skill sets required to carry out the Virtual CFO Services.One of the more popular facts is that 90% of the Start-Ups fail, out of 10% businesses

Financial Accounting, Finance & Compliance Services via Cloud Computing – The future of Financial Accounting & Finance Functions

Begin Cloud Computing Complete Controller

Financial Accounting, Finance & Compliance Services via Cloud Computing – The future of Financial Accounting & Finance FunctionsPreambleThe rapid of globalization & advancement in technology which led to rise in internet-based applications, leading to emergence of a new concept of virtual cloud-based accounting. Financial Accounting which is an essential component of the framework that sustains any enterprise’s activity. The article focuses on throwing light on the concept of virtual cloud computing, cloud accounting, concept of outsourcing the Financial accounting services,

Improving Financial Health Of Your Business

Financial Health2

Improving Financial Health Of Your BusinessAs an entrepreneur one will come across various challenges in managing business, however financial aspects tops the list and rank most critical. One need to pay utmost care and attention in carefully planning and monitoring aspects which affects financial health of the business. There are steps to guide you in better management of your finances so you can see your dream to its end, without getting trapped in financial mess.1. Understand the Key


risk analysis in finance

Risk analysis is the process of assessing the likelihood of an adverse event occurring within the company.


Internal Financial Control

What are Internal Financial Controls?Internal financial controls mean policies and procedures adopted by the company for ensuring:Orderly and efficient conduct of its business, including adherence to the company’s policy and procedure,Safeguarding of company’s assets,Prevention and detection of malpractices, frauds and errors,Accuracy and completeness of accounting records andTimely compliance with various statutes andTimely preparation of books of accountsIt includes policies and procedures adopted by the company for ensuring the orderly and efficient conduct of business, including regulatory compliance and prevention and

SOP- Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting Services

Business organizations today are very vast and complex. If keeping track of their daily activities itself is a challenge, managing their daily activities is an even greater challenge. Numerous transactions happen, new clients are acquired, additional engagements with existing clients are commenced, contracts are renewed/terminated as well as payments are received and made, on a daily basis. A large number of employees – having diverse character, age experience, etc.- join; employees leave, take casual leaves and change roles every day.

CRM – A Financial Accounting Perspective


As the old verse goes, “make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver while the other is gold”. It is well recognized that this applies to the business domain as good as it applies to the personal domain. And, Financial Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) industry is no exception. Perhaps, it is more relevant in such domains which are highly competitive and where the life time value of one single client can potentially have significant influence on the value created